TRICO Pro Wildlife Repellent

TRICO Pro Wildlife Repellent

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TRICO® Pro protects Christmas trees, field crops, vegetable plants, vineyards, orchards, strawberry plants, and blueberry plants, trees and shrubs by preventing deer, elk, rabbits, and moose from browsing. Hardly recognizable to humans, but highly repellent to rabbits, deer, elk, and moose, it provides a very strong scent barrier as well as a taste barrier. TRICO® Pro provides effective control of deer damage to vulnerable agricultural plants. Sold in 2.5 gallon jugs!
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About Trico Pro

  • Trico Pro is a dual mode of action deer repellent. It primarily acts as a scent barrier to prevent deer browse. If deer do attempt to browse they quickly find the taste unappealing. 
  • A single application lasts for up to 6 months! Great for keeping plants protected through the winter when other repellents can’t last and deer browse is heaviest. 
  • Application rates are 1.1 gallon of TricoPro per acre for saplings. Larger trees will require more product. 


  • Unopened product is viable for 2 years
  • TricoPro loses functionality if frozen