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    A Fox Forestry Engineer completes a Fox Report | Maine, USA

    Every property is unique and possess its own needs and challenges. That’s why we start with your ‘Fox Report’. Your Fox Report will assess your property and give you a detailed plan that meets all your specific objectives.

    One of our Fox Forestry engineers will come on-site to speak with you directly to understand your specific requirements in depth.

    They will observe, measure, photograph, assess, and take samples where necessary from your land before creating and delivering your comprehensive Fox Report.

    Formulate a plan for your property with the following knowlege from the report:

    • Your Forest Health Dangers
    • Property Risk
    • Species Control
    • Forest Ailments
    • Insect Diagnosis
    • Disease Diagnosis
    • Hazard Tree details
    • and much much more

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  • We've got you covered for next season's wood heat.

    Place an order for firewood with Fox Forestry and we'll prepare and deliver locally harvested hardwoods.

    Fox Forestry is proud to offer local clients home heating with wood. We'll deliver your order in bags or loose. You choose.

    Orders are 2 cord minimum and delivery within 20 miles of Orland ME is no charge. Firewood is processed and delivered per order, we can split custom lengths up to 23".

    Get your wood early and let it season.

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  • Invasives outcompete local flora! We'll get them gone and make sure your property stays natural and beautiful.

    Invasive Species Control. The control and management of foreign or unwanted vegetation species through a variety of means.

    Fox Forestry is proud to offer the landowner an opportunity to utilize a percentage of the wood harvested from their forest management plan directly on their property for their own use.

    We continuously explore innovative wood markets to utilize our forest management byproducts. Below are a few products that we’ve had the pleasure of creating including; a tent platform; naturally integrated bench; live edge corner shelf; and a live edge railing following a forested path.

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