Japa 471 Hydraulic Timber Deck

Japa 471 Hydraulic Timber Deck

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The Japa 471 Hydraulic Timber Deck facilitates a greater rate of firewood procsssing by staging material to process. If you need something wider to accomadate longer logs for your bigger processor. Check out the Japa 47901 we also carry.
Vendor: Fox Forestry
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Japa 471 Hydraulic Timber Deck


The Japa 471 hydraulic timber deck is a sturdy metal log rack that can hold large logs, in large amounts. This timber deck comes with two powered infeed chains. These chains can move forward, or backward, to straighten misaligned logs. If logs are stacked on the rack, you will be able to single out logs and load them individually. This keeps your infeed organized and easier to run. Keeping your workflow more efficient.

This rack comes standard with gravity fed extensions which allows it to hold even more logs.


The Japa 471 will work with the Japa 365+ Basic, 365+ Pro, 395, 405, and 435. It can be connected using the valves and connectors that are standard on those machines.

Benefits of a Timber Deck

Japa’s Timber Decks are built to handle large volumes of logs. They are sturdy enough to handle bulky and heavy logs. And their built-in hydraulics allow the infeed chains to be controlled from your processor. The greatest benefit of a large hydraulic timber deck is more cord per hour, less time staging and more time processing your logs.

One way to fully utilize your Japa timber deck is by having one person run the processor while the other loads the deck. Decreasing down time and allowing you to create more firewood faster.

The Japa 471 hydraulic timber deck is a firewood professionals best friend. However, if you need something larger, check out the wider version here -- https://www.foxforestry.com/products/japa47901timberdeck?_pos=2&_psq=timber+deck&_ss=e&_v=1.0

About Japa

Japa is a Finnish company that has been making firewood processors since 1977.  Their processors are robust, easy to use, and safe, and their log racks and timber decks are built with the same focus on quality.

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