Japa 422 Midrange Log Rack

Japa 422 Midrange Log Rack

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The Japa 422 Mid-Range Log Rack is a sturdy metal rack that greatly increases the rate at which you can process firewood.

This log table is hydraulic operated from the processor, and has two chains to feed logs forward. Excellent when paired with the Japa 365 Firewood processor.

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The Japa 422 Mid-Range Log Rack stands as a durable metal framework, offering an excellent solution to enhance your firewood processing efficiency. As an advancement from the Japa 465, it boasts increased log capacity and additional features. The 422 model is equipped with two standard powered infeed rollers, accompanied by a power singulator designed to progress one log at a time onto the infeed rollers.

Operated by gravity, you manually guide the logs down the rack, facilitated by its sloping design. While it is manageable without assistance, having a hook or pickaroon can be beneficial. Integrating seamlessly into any workflow, this log rack is guaranteed to elevate your overall productivity.


The Japa 422 is compatible with the Japa 365+ Basic, 365+ Pro, 395, 405, and 435 models. It can be seamlessly connected using the standard valves and connectors present on those machines.

Advantages of a Log Rack

A log rack proves invaluable in keeping your logs elevated and ready for processing, minimizing the time spent on staging and maximizing operational efficiency. The Japa 422 Mid-Range Log Rack, designed as a robust yet straightforward solution, enables you to prepare your workspace efficiently before activating your machine.

For those requiring a more compact rack, the Japa 465 log rack is worth considering. Additionally, we offer hydraulic timber decks such as the Japa 471 Timber Deck and Japa 47901 Timber Deck.

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