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F2 Chain Sawmill 4m (~13')

F2 Chain Sawmill 4m (~13')

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The Logosol F2 Farmer’s chain sawmill is an ultra-portable sawmill. Process logs up to 20″ in diameter. The mill is so lightweight that you can lift and move it by hand. The frame is built of 1-meter sections that fit in the trunk of a car. It only takes a couple minutes to have the mill assembled and set up at home, in your backyard, or out in the woods.

Log diameter: Up to 20″
Log length: 12′ standard, but the sawmill can be
extended to any length!
Weight: 114lb without saw unit
Length: 13′ 1.5″
Width: 2′ 3.5″

If you don't already own a chainsaw, check out the bottom of this page for the package which includes a chainsaw and ripping chains, as well as a feed crank to pull the saw through the cut (instead of pushing it yourself), and a bar nose stabalizer to reduce verticle movement of the bar nose and get you a better cut!

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Portable sawmill with quality in every detail

The Logosol F2 Farmer’s chain sawmill is an ultra-portable sawmill, which can easily handle logs that are up to 20″ in diameter. In addition, it is so lightweight that you can lift and move it by hand. The frame is built of 3′ 3.25″ sections that fit in the back of a standard car. In a couple of minutes, you have assembled and set up the sawmill at home in your backyard or out in the woods.

This is an affordable sawmill that is incredibly easy to use. Even if you’ve never sawn timber before, you’ll quickly get started with production of planks and boards for your building projects. Every cut has impressive precision. An auto-locking system with clear scales and fixed sawing measurements gives the timber accurate dimensions.

Use your own chainsaw or let us help you with one that matches your needs

The design, with a lightweight saw carriage and a 13′ 1.5″ guide rail, makes the sawmill extremely flexible and easy to use. The carriage slides smoothly on the guide rail during operation, and can easily be lifted off. You can use any professional chainsaw with a motor of minimum 50cc. Call or email us to get advice on the right chain and bar or recommendations on a new chainsaw. You can also equip the sawmill with the Logosol Log Moulder, which can be used with the chainsaw.

Manages all sorts of wood

With the F2 Farmer’s chain sawmill you can cut all sorts of wood, from hard oak to knotty pine. The measurement precision is impressive, and chain sawing gives a smooth surface that is easy to after-treat. The chain removes the sawdust while the timber is being sawn. The boards are clean from sawdust when you have finished.

The F2 chain sawmill is the ideal sawmill if you want to cut your own timber. This sawmill is just as easy to set up as it is to dismantle for storage. You get a flexible tool with all the functions needed to do a great job. The sawmill can be configured with 6′ 6.75″ between the log lifters for longer logs, or 3′ 3.25″ for shorter pieces.

A maintenance-free lightweight sawmill

The F2 chain sawmill is made of strong, anodized aluminum, a material with amazing properties. You get a maintenance-free, lightweight sawmill that will never rust and can stand up to logs that weigh 2200lb. In its standard design, you can cut 12′ 5.5″ logs. If you want to cut longer logs, the sawmill can be extended to any length. Extensions are available in sections of 1′ 7.75″ or 3′ 3.25″, and several log lifters can be installed to make it possible to handle larger and longer logs with retained precision. The sawmill can also be upgraded with a variety of accessories.


 ✔ A lightweight sawmill with minimal setup time. With just a few simple steps, the sawmill is dismantled for transport and storage.

✔  The frame is built of 3′ 3.25″ sections that fits in the body of a standard car.

✔ A lightweight saw carriage that slides perfectly on the guide rail, prepared for both crank handle and bar nose steering. Chainsaw, electric saw, log molder and feed unit are compatible.

✔ Durable and dirt-repellent surface. It never rusts.

✔ The sawmill can be extended and upgraded when required.

✔ Strong log lifters with log beds, which together can stand up to 2200lb!

✔ Adjustment of depth of cut in fixed 1/4″ steps gives your timber accurate dimensions.

✔ Loading stops grip the log when you roll it onto the log bed. They give additional support and stability.

✔ Adjustable sawmill feet included for steady positioning.

✔ Strong locking of the guide rail sections facilitates assembly and gives increased stability.

✔ Convenient, easy-grip carrying handle for easy moving.

✔ Two log clamps XL are included.