• It’s been well-known for centuries that subjecting wood to very high temperatures and close to combustion (170° C - 230° C) changes their chemical structure, altering colour, increasing hardness and durability and protecting the wood from attacks from exogenous agents, mould and parasites.

    Therefore soft woods such as conifers (e.g. pine, spruce and larch) and non-coniferous soft wood (e.g. poplar, birch, alder) may take on very dark colouring and, above all, they can see their durability and hardness features increased, so that they can be assimilated to wood always considered more valuable such as oak and beech, which if treated in the same way, may themselves be darkened and improved in their intrinsic characteristics.

    WDE MASPELL, in collaboration with the C.N.R. IVALSA Wood Institute of San Michele all’ Adige, has developed a combined treatment of high temperature and vacuum with no additives, capable of reaching the standards of absolute excellence, with its ability to modulate the pressure within their drying cells.


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