Is the Logosol F2 Sawmill a good buy in 2022?

Is the Logosol F2 Sawmill a good buy in 2022?

Logosol F2 Sawmill Review 

A great lightweight, transportable sawmill that’s been well designed, and built to a high quality level by Logosol. Can be upgraded as your requirements change in the future. One of our most popular chain sawmills, and easy to assemble and use. Recommended. 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great assembly instructions
  • Nice racket system with audible click indicator
  • Lightweight 
  • Transportable
  • Available in different size configurations

Well Designed 

If you enjoy milling, then you will be truly impressed by the F2 Logosol Sawmill. This sawmill is well designed and the company has really put a lot of thought into creating it. This is a device that is highly accurate and will certainly give you the precision that you are looking for from such equipment. 


You will appreciate the portability of the F2 Logosol Sawmill. Because it is portable, you are able to transport this equipment over to where you need to cut the logs. This device is a wonderful all-in-one sawmill for all your milling needs. It is super stable. It is highly durable and it has true accuracy. 

If you need to get to some logs where it is not possible for you to take a truck and trailer, then you can simply carry your sawmill to the area where the logs are. Also, this portable sawmill prevents the need to collect loads of logs multiple times with your truck and trailer, as you can simply take the sawmill to the location to saw all day. Then your logs will be ready to put on your trailer to take to your destination in just one trip.

Excellent functionality 

As soon as you use this fine quality portable sawmill, there is no denying the fact that you will be impressed. Indeed, this device provides excellent functionality at all times. You are able to disassemble this device, which will make it easy to transport in the back of your SUV or truck. The F2 Logosol Sawmill is able to hold all logs raised up off of the ground. This results in making the process of milling all of your logs ultra easy. It comes with a lift system that is built in. 

Another great bit of kit from Logosol – perfect for small non-industrial use

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Light-weight and rust-proof 

The F2 Logosol Sawmill is constructed completely with the usage of aluminum. This really reduces the weight of the sawmill for superior convenience. You can furthermore allow this piece of equipment to remain outside without the worry of it rusting. After you have spent all day milling, it is not necessary to cover the device or to pack it away. It is great that the milling dirt does not stick to this sawmill. All you have to do is wipe the device off. 

Easy to use 

When you are the kind of person who loves how your tools look, you will surely notice that this sawmill is actually quite good looking. It is a slick piece of equipment that you can be proud of. You can rest assured that the F2 Logosol Sawmill will do what you expect it to do, as this is a high-performance portable sawmill. Moreover, you will be thrilled that it is wonderfully easy to use, which prevents any frustration during the process of milling your logs.

Flexible & Expandable 

This F2 sawmill comes with the provision of a smart system that is modular, which permits you to use various extensions. This means that there are several options to select when you want to extend the wings to as much as an extra two meters. As a result, you can use the sawmill set to the fullest length or you can use it set to the size that is the most compact. 

Is the popular F2 sawmill by Logosol the right solution for you? 

Cam locking system 

This sawmill is constructed with the inclusion of a cam locking system that is awesomely savvy. It is incorporated into a track system that slides. As a result, this grants you an abundance of flexibility to accommodate your logs. In order to use it, just ensure that the clamp is placed next to the log. Then you must tighten it securely on the track. Let it remain over the cam lock in order for the log to be held in place with ultimate security. 

Easy height adjustment 

A very beneficial feature of the F2 Logosol Sawmill is the ruler that is attached to the legs. This makes it rather easy for you to ensure that the log remains level at each end in order to be able to achieve a great straight cut every time. Also, the inclusion of this ruler enables you to easily adjust the thickness of your cut according to your preference.

Handles on legs for height preference

You will make an adjustment to the height just with the turn of the handles that are located on the side of each indicated leg. There is the usage of a ratcheting system that lifts the height. When there is the occurrence of a clicking sound, this equates to the log being raised up by a quarter of an inch. Thus, if you desire a thickness of two inches, then you will need to adjust the handle with eight clicks.

Helpful attachments

There is the inclusion of a salt carriage that is light in weight that can be used for your chainsaw. You will be pleased that it attaches quite rapidly to your chainsaw without any hassles. This attachment will make it possible for your chainsaw to effortlessly glide along the path of the track in a perfectly straight manner for ultimate smoothness during usage. Then you will be pleased that there is also the provision of an attachment that you can add that will extend to grasp the end portion of the bar in an effort to provide extra stability in order to allow you to achieve a cut that is truly straight every time.

Is the popular F2 sawmill by Logosol the right solution for you?

Who this is good for?

Side projects, or small full-time operations. 

Who this isn’t for?

Large industrial size businesses.


If you have been wondering if the F2 Logosol Sawmill is worthy of your time and usage, the answer is yes. This is a powerful sawmill that is sturdy and well made. It has a nice appearance that makes it pleasant to use. It is durable and yet it is light in weight due to being constructed with top-quality aluminum. As a result, it is easy to transport to various locations for all your sawmill needs. There is no requirement to bring it in from outside every time after usage, as it does not rust. Furthermore, it is amazingly dirt repellent.

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F2 Sawmill Specs

  • Type: Sawmill
  • Transportation: Fits in a standard car boot
  • Main material: Aluminium (rustproof)
  • Guide rail: 4 meter
  • Power: 3.3 Kilowatt engine
  • Weight: 6.4 kilograms
  • Board length: 3.8 meters (can be extended)
  • Feed unit: Manual or Automatic
  • Upgradable: Yes
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