How do you best Negotiate your Tree Removal?

How do you best Negotiate your Tree Removal?

Tree removal service can often be necessary but it’s rarely budgeted for. So how do you negotiate your tree and forest maintenance needs to get the very best price and solution.

Follow these suggestions from experienced arborist Ben Arruda to obtain the very best tree cutting solution.

It could be a tree that is growing dangerously close to power-lines, becoming a fire hazard, a dead tree that is rotting away, over-grown and spoiling views, hosting dangerous and potentially harmful species such as Brown-tail Moth or one of many other reason.

The removal process involves cutting down a tree to a low stump; then, the limbs and branches are further sheared down to smaller pieces of firewood. The log and tree stump removal need to be agreed clearly with the service provider.

Unexpected tree removal cost

Some people may be surprised at the cost for their tree removal project, and many do not have a budget for this task. So, if you find it expensive it’s sensible to explore how you might be able to reduce those costs whilst still receiving the tree maintenance service that you need.

We recommend that you do the following: get to know and choose the best tree / forest maintenance company first before accepting any proposal, use the leftover log from the tree for firewood since some tree services might charge more for disposing of the log, inquire and ask for discounts, have the task done at the slow time of the year, and so forth.

  • Get to know and choose the best company
  • Use the leftover log from the tree for firewood
  • Inquire for discounts

This guide will show you how to get the best tree service and how to cut costs on having this rather dangerous and necessary clean-up done for your property. Let’s go ahead and get into the details.

Is is smart to save money and cut the tree yourself?

Is It Safe to Remove the Tree Yourself?

When you’ve finally decided to take action on that dead tree you have been eyeing all year long, it may seem a simple enough task that you could possibly do it yourself and save some money in the process. Well the best answer depends on various factors. Just a word of caution, though, cutting down a tree (especially a large one) can be more complicated than it looks. It requires training, experience, and knowledge to bring down a tree and avoid having it fall on your car, the roof of your house, and especially preventing accidents of trees falling on people.

Important Indicators that Show You Might Need Help From the Pros:

Size of the Tree

If you need a ladder to cut off branches and prune the tree, it means that it is too large for you to take down on your own. Call the experts.

Little Experience in Handling Forest Tools & Machinery

If you don’t know how to handle an axe, or the axe or wood is too heavy for you to handle confidently then it’s time to call the professionals.

Chainsaws may seem like they will make the task easy, but it takes practice, skill and control to be able to use them effectively and without risk. Moreover the health risk with a chainsaw is very significant. One slip can be life altering – is it really worth the risk? The risk of an accident increases significantly when handling strong and powerful motorized tools.

Can you Simultaneously Handle Equipment and Power Tools Safely

It takes some courage and a bit of experience to set up a ladder and keep it steady when you are high up on it. And then, you’ll have to hold on to it with one hand while clutching a cutting tool in the other. If it’s your first time, it will be likely that you still have a lot to learn about manual pruning tools, much less grappling with a roaring chainsaw.

Make safety your top priority

Ben Arruda

These are just some of the scenarios that will eventually help you decide whether you need help or not. Right off the bat, we recommend that you make safety your top priority.

How to Negotiate Tree Removal

On average, you may have to pay anywhere between $600 to $750 for a standard tree removal service, riding up to $4000 at the higher end depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Factors Involved in Costing

Tree removal companies need to consider several factors when determining the quote they provide to you. These will include high overhead costs (expensive machinery), occupational hazards, staff insurance, staff, staff training, administration, gas and other factors.

Price estimation in tree felling is not standardized, and every company has their reasons for justifying their fees. It can as a result be hard to compare one quote with another because they may provide subtle service differences. Read the quote carefully, clarify any points that are not crystal clear.

Many elements

Whilst there are many elements that go into deciding the final cost, we say that the five largest considerations are; risk involved, the complexity (difficulty), labor (time), location, accessibility, and equipment required.

  • Risk
  • Complexity
  • Labor
  • Location
  • Accessibility
  • Equipment and staff requirements

Other factors include;

  • Size of the tree (the bigger, the higher the price)
  • The overall skill level of technicians who perform the cutting
  • Quality and size of equipment used (motorized may also mean a higher price, but is definitely safer and faster)
  • The process of necessarily pruning the tree limbs before cutting the trunk (to get them out of the way)
  • Garbage collection after cutting
  • Complecations (overhanging electrical wires, rooftops, hard-to-reach places, etc.)
  • Actual physical labor

Price is affected by things like the tree being in a difficult place to reach, the need to use heavy equipment, electric lines in the way, and maybe some shrubs that they might need to get around on or clear out. These conditions may either raise the price or keep it at a level depending on what you and the company agree on. So take the time to call and ask questions.

How much does tree cutting service cost?

Tree Removal Negotiations to get the Best Solution

Below are the steps you can take to put yourself and the tree removal company in a good position to negotiate and agree.

1. Do your Research First

You can check online and offline yellow pages for licensed tree removal companies in your area that have already been in the business for years and have built a good reputation. Or you can ask for a referral from a trusted friend or family member. The more details you have the easier it will be during your tree cost negotiation.

2. Call Several Companies Before Having Tree Removal Services Over at Your Property

Ask useful questions when you negotiate tree removal; price, service, and any additional fees the removal might incur. Take the time to know the company first, as it will save you the headache of having to deal with unfinished business later. Ensure that you make a thorough inquiry for each of them over the phone or online before having any one of them come visit your property. This is so that you will still have room to make your choice.

3. Questions to Ask Tree Removal Service


LICENSE-It improves your odds of getting the job done and done well by a legitimate and accountable company for any event, good or bad while rendering their tree service.

INSURANCE- You will want to get a company with liability coverage to protect your property in case of accidents. Any damage to your house or property will be covered for by liability insurance from the tree removal company.


More years of experience means better. And try to know if they have already dealt with the kind of tree you have.


This should help you make a direct comparison with other companies. You can also avoid hidden charges this way.


Tree removal companies that can give you a good answer without hesitation are the ones that already know what they are doing. This will help you choose which one is the best, as a company that uses high-quality equipment and standard safety equipment for its employees indicates that they are professionals.


This might effect your decision when negotiate the tree removal cost.


Doing these preparation tips and suggested actions, as described above, will help you narrow down your options to your optimal spending level, matching the kind of service you need for your requirements. In essence, it’s already money saved even before work has begun. You will be able to arrest any possible problem or scenario that might require you to shell out more than you should.

Use these tips to negotiate the best tree removal solution

More Things You Can Do While Haggling to Further Reduce Costs

  • Get a quote ( if given for free)
  • Ask to clarify what is inclusive and what is not in the proposal.
  • Inquire for any standard discounts that they may offer their customers.
  • Whenever possible, choose level charge over per hour charge.
  • Check for references, compare all the written proposals (for those who submitted) your prospective tree removal services have forwarded, and choose the best one according to your needs.
  • Ask to keep the felled tree for firewood

If the tree removers give incentives or discounts for owners who want to dispose of the tree conveniently by surrendering the log to them; by all means, let them take it. Otherwise, you can chop it up for kindling to avoid hauling charges.

• Ask to Remove the Stump Yourself

You may chop up the stump when you find time, as you will potentially save $100 per piece or $3 per inch of stump removed.

• Have the tree felling done in the slow time of the year.

Tree removal companies may charge considerably higher during peak season. Alternatively, it would be good to request for service at a slow time.

• Do the clean-up yourself

Tree cutting conclusions

How to Negotiate Tree Removal Costs Conclusion

Good tree removal or tree pruning may not be a cost you had budgeted for. If you are considering the DIY route make sure that you have the sufficient level of skill and machinery to perform the task safely – otherwise get the professionals in (it’s simply not worth the risk).

When negotiating be super clear on your requirements, and get absolute clarity on what is, and what is not included in the service provided. Discuss any opportunities that may help reduce the cost to you if that is your primary objective. Investing in your land can be one of the best investments you can make, the benefits can be experienced for generations.

Create an annual budget for your forestry maintenance needs. Don’t put off completing the work (it’s not going to fix itself), it’s better and safer to take action today and get it sorted.

Love your land!

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