Fox Forestry is currently seeking a Forestry Specialist to join our team! Candidate should be familiar with the forestry industry and have experience operating a bucket truck, chainsaw, and other forestry equipment.

Required Skills and Knowledge:

Knowledge of the primary principles and practices of tree maintenance and arboriculture; thorough knowledge surrounding the trade; knowledge of both, skills and equipment used in the field of forestry including, power and hand tools; ability to climb trees; ability to identify tree species, flowers, common insects and diseases; ability to plan, lay out and supervise; physically able to meet demands of the position.


  • Fell trees, and clear brush using a variety of tools including, chainsaws, hand saws, etc.

  • Prune diseased and or undesirable trees using appropriate pruning tools.

  • Perform a variety of tasks imperative to maintain forested land.

  • Planting and managing seedlings, using the proper tools, such as, mattock planting hoe, and dribbles.

  • Applying spray to trees, bushes, and weeds with appropriate herbicides.


  • Previous forestry experience a must.

  • Strong organizational and communication skills

  • Previous climbing experience helpful.

  • Outstanding customer focus and flexibility

  • Strong analysis and critical thinking skills

  • Deadline and detail-oriented

  • Degree in related field helpful.

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