B751 Band Sawmill

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Logosol B751 Band Sawmill

Logosol has been determined to bring our customers the best sawmill equipment since the beginning, and our B751 Band Sawmill is no exception. Featuring a sawing length of 4.8 metres (15.7 feet) and the capacity to handle logs with diameters up to 75 cm (29.5 in), the B751 Band Sawmill is the perfect solution for your forestry management product. Featuring fixed steps for depth of cut, the B751 can be set for a variety of desired board dimensions accurately and with ease. The B751 Band Sawmill is an excellent choice for your forestry management sawmill needs.

Our Logosol Swedish-made sawmills are excellent for your on-site sawmill needs. The B751 fits the bill with capacity, ease of use, and durability. The manual setting capability is perfect for cutting boards to exactly the correct dimensions you need for your forestry product project. Fox Forestry is here to help you find the perfect fit.

Sawing in Fixed Steps

The B751 Band Sawmill features a sawhead that adjusts in fixed steps. This feature provides you with an exact depth of cut setting that you can count on. Each single rotation of the setting crank adjusts the depth by 1 inch, and one additional step compensates for the kerf.

The B751 also features a Last Cut indicator, reminding the sawyer where the sawhead was positioned on the last cut. These features all lend to the ease of use and reliability of Logosol sawmills, leaving you with perfect wood processing results every time.

Robust Design

Strength and reliability are important aspects for all Logosol sawmills. That’s why we build our sawmills with robust designs that we know will last. Features such as log clamps and supports effectively hold the log in place securely, while refraining from causing any damage to the timber. Stability ensures vibration dampening for consistent and accurate performance. Each of the rails and the log bed are reinforced by a steel frame. Fan blades keep sawdust clear from the work area and away from the sawhead. The consistent results from first cut to last will leave you satisfied with the results.

Several Motor Options

To accommodate all budgets and needs, we have made our sawmills available in a variety of motor sizes and options. We have larger motors providing dominating power, as well as smaller options with less power and more efficiency. This includes 4.6 or 8 kW electric motors or a 13 or 18 hp gas engine options. Our electric motors have consistently proven to be efficient yet powerful and our gasoline engines never fail to perform.

To provide even greater solutions, our LM410 Log Moulder can also be incorporated onto the rails with a 410 mm wide area allowing for the milling of large 16” beams. Throw in other accessories such as our sawdust management system, extensions and your B751 band sawmill can be set up to fit any of your forestry management woodworking needs.

Ready to Start

When your preference is band sawmilling vs chain sawmilling, the Logosol B751 band sawmill is ready to get to work. When you order your Logosol sawmill, it arrives partly assembled, and the remaining setup is simple and easy to do thanks to the design and inclusion of our detailed user manual which guides you in installing your band blade and preferred motor. We also provide you simple instructions for adjusting the sawmill to achieve the exact sawmill results you desire.

Finally, simply adjust your rail frame to the length desired for your woodworking project, and you’re off and running! We also include leveling feet, the band saw blade, two log supports, one log clamp, water cooling, an adjustable blade guide, and peace of mind with the Logosol two year warranty.


✔ Easy-to-set-up sawmill with preassembled sawhead. Levelling feet are included.

✔ Robust and solid. A stable design that gives you an amazing sawing result.

✔ Quick and accurate setting of the saw cut. The sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps. One rotation of the crank always equals 1 inch. One step compensates for the kerf.

✔ The Last Cut indicator on the absolute scale helps you remember the previous cut, and works as a reference for the next cut.

✔ A patent-pending log clamp with sturdy handle and robust design is included. It secures the log with great force without damaging the timber. It works just as well when you are taking the first cuts as when cutting the last thin board.

✔ Easy to keep the worksite clean. The band wheels have fan blades, which both blow out the sawdust and keep it clean and tidy inside the sawhead. A great advantage when changing band blades and carrying out maintenance and service.

✔ Exact blade guiding, which you only find on considerably larger and more expensive sawmills.

✔ The petrol-driven model has a first-class centrifugal clutch that facilitate the engine thrust during operation.

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