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Fox-Cam captures wildlife movement and immediately sends it to your mobile app within a minute.

SKU: 120076-880496
Vendor: Fox Forestry
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The  Fox-Cam can function independently in the deep woods or your backyard. 

It features

  • 12mp resolution (Can be set to 5mp or 8mp to increase storage)
  • Photo or video recording
  • Control with, or receive photos and video, right on your smartphone!
  • Night photo capacity
  • 50 degree field of view
  • Large screen with full HD resolution!

Most current game cameras require a subscription to receive your pictures remotely, but the Fox-Cam has two alternative options.

  1. The purchase of the camera provides a supply of coins that can be used to send pictures as desired! Only pay for the pictures you want! Rather than a monthly subscription even when the camera isn’t in use. This feature can be disabled so no pictures are sent.
  2. Retrieve the full HD original images straight from the SD card!