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The Japa 405 firewood processor is a professional processor that is efficient and consistent. A smart system that uses sensors helps control and optimize the Japa 435 in real time. Furthermore, a single joystick controls the primary functions of the machine. This joystick controls the feeding, sawing, and splitting of logs, as well as the guide plate.

The 405 features an automated re-splitting system (more on this in the Perfect Split section). For full control, you can also run the splitter manually. However, you always manually control the infeed, cutting, and split cycle.

The processor optimizes its own performance, based on wood type, which makes the Japa 405 particularly well suited for all log sizes. In addition to this, the processor has a data connection, which allows it to connect to the factory for remote diagnostics and updates. This lets Japa service it from anywhere in the world.

The PTO configuration requires 35-40 horsepower.

The Tractor PTO & 3-Phase Electric option does not require you to use both power options at once. There are two separate pumps, one for Tractor PTO and another for 3-Phase Electric. This lets you choose how you want to run the machine.

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