Tom Fox

Tom started Fox Forestry in 1996 while still studying at the University of Maine. Since then, Tom has been dedicated to revolutionizing the forest management industry while serving the residents of Downeast Maine.


Eryk Thurber

Eryk is Fox Forestry’s forestry Intern. Eryk is originally from Foster, RI and is currently attending the University of Maine for forestry. In his free time Eryk enjoys spending time outside doing activities like hunting and fishing.


Ben Arruda

Ben is Fox Forestry's Supervising Forester. He was born in Little Compton, RI but moved to Fort Kent, Maine where he attended the local University and earned an Associates degree in forestry, Bachelor of Science in Public Safety, and an Associates degree in Criminal Justice. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, kayaking, and ATV riding throughout Maine and New Brunswick with his adventure buddy Zola the black lab.


Ben Hacker

Ben is Fox Forestry’s forestry Intern. Ben is originally from Beverly, Massachusetts and is currently attending the University of Maine for forestry and surveying. In his free time Ben enjoys sending time outside, listening to interesting music, and volunteering for environmental work.


Lewis Marston

Lewis is Fox Forestry's Forest Management Director. Lewis was born and raised in the mid coast region of Maine and attended Colombia College in Chicago. He has been with Fox Forestry for five years, and is a Certified Logging Professional. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, hiking, BBQing, and spending time with his family.


Kody Theriault

Kody is Fox Forestry's Marketing Specialist and has been with us since starting a marketing internship in early 2018. He moved from northern Maine to Orono to attend the University of Maine and complete a Bachelor's in Communication and Marketing. In his free time he enjoys hiking, photography, ATV riding, and hunting in the fall.


J. Benjamin Hutton

Ben is Fox Forestry’s forestry specialist. Ben is originally from Connecticut but has lived in Maine for six years while studying and the University of Maine for his degree in Forestry. In his free time Ben enjoys hiking, driving, and learning new skills.