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Forest Management

Forest Management Is...

The science, art, and practice of understanding, managing, and using our natural resources wisely. Every property is unique and possess its own needs and challenges.  Fox Forestry will assess your property and give you a comprehensive plan tailored for your specific wants and needs.  We specialize in forest health, timber harvesting, diagnosis of forest ailments, insect and disease diagnostics and treatment plans, pruning, removal of hazard trees, site planning, debris clean up, felled tree removal, and much more.

Forestry Services

  • Felling Trees
  • Timber Harvesting
  • Trail building
  • Build forest roads and chip trails
  • Manage view sheds
  • Vegetation plans both removal and planting
  • File permits with municipalities and state
  • Species conversions
  • Shore-land restoration
  • Removal of invasive species

consulting services

  • Site analysis and Development
  • Forest health inspections
  • Tree growth Tax plans and enrollment
  • Open space plans
  • NRCS funded grants
  • Forest management planning
  • Marking shoreland setbacks
  • Tree inventories

Arborist services

  • Apple pruning
  • Hazard tree removal
  • Deadwood pruning
  • Tree removals

shoreland experts

Living along Maine’s shorelands can often be challenging due to shoreline erosion, invasive plant species, and local and state zoning regulations.  Fox Forestry is familiar with the myriad rules and regulations associated with maintaining shoreland estates.  We are also well versed in native plant species and interactions between plant materials and soil structure.  Let us use our expertise to ensure you can continue to enjoy your shoreland property for years to come.

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