The Town of Sorrento, Maine

The Town of Sorrento, Maine is located to the east of Mount Desert Island and boasts a beautiful view of Maine’s Atlantic coast. Much of the town is bordered by shoreland that offers impeccable views of Mount Desert Island. Unfortunately, much of this shoreland had been overgrown with invasive species that has led to high mortality in the desirable vegetation.

Fox Forestry implemented a 10 year management plan that includes an invasive species control program, an apple tree rehabilitation & replanting program, as well as, adhering to all State of Maine shoreland regulations while also considering the town’s wishes.

Fox Forestry will continue the 10 year management plan, however, improvements have already bolstered the area. The removal of poorly formed and manipulated trees has aided the existing native juniper shrubs and other natural vegetation in making a fantastic comeback. Not only does this provide an aesthetic improvement, but will ensure the stabilization of current soil and eliminate previous erosion concerns.

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